The ultimate ‘Ski-Fit’ dry-land training opportunity (without having to buy a lift pass, a fancy ski suit or a 4-wheel drive to get to the mountain) before the snow arrives! Develop your Ski Skills:

  • Ski Style ‘edge turns’ will benefit your downhill blading in locations like Seymour Forest
  • Slalom cone turning (straight line & off-set) for improving your GS, Slalom & Mogul turning
  • Use your downhill ski poles (with duct tape or rubber caps on the tips) to improve your pole plants
  • On gentle grades to dramatically improve your parallel skiing stance & balance; & expand from gentle ‘Green’ runs, through ‘Blue’ & ‘Black’ run steepness

This is the best summer training that you can do to 'Learn to Alpine Ski' or to 'Improve Your Alpine Skiing'.   Have a look at these video's to see what can be achieved with the merging of Inline Skate and Alpine Ski Technique.

Sunset Beach