Lorne Milne is a multiple IISA certified Instructor who specializes in teaching skaters of all levels. This includes beginners and anxious learners, intermediate and advanced students, as well as coaching expert inline skaters.

Skills Taught

BASIC SKILLS for New Learners:

  • Ready stance/position
  • Balance Enhancement (Tai Chi Squats; Side-stepping; Pick-ups & Set-downs; Knee-ups; & many other balance exercises) Athletic Recovery & Spill Avoidance (Rolling Squats; Pad Slides)
  • Beginning movement (V-walk/Duck Walk/Basic Stride 1; Scooter Push) & Intro to Intermediate Stride 2
  • ‘Frog-Style’, ‘Tripod’, & ‘1-leg’ rises; Safe-T stance
  • A-frames , Forward Swizzles, & Tic-Tocs
  • Beginner Turns (‘Step-Around’, ‘Scooter’, & ‘A-frame’ Turns) & intro to Cone turning
  • Scissoring & 5 Wheeling; Step-Overs (for crossing rough surfaces, railway tracks, etc.)
  • Heel Brake Stopping (Beginner; Feathering; Toe Twists; Braking & Steering; Lead Foot Push; Butt Sink, etc.), Grass Stops
  • Seawall & Pathway Skating (Curb Stepping; Surface Transistion; Obstacle avoidance; Lane use; Passing & Safety)
  • Intro Roller-Dance & Trick moves (Scissor Shuffles; March Rolls; Side Drags; V-rolls; T-rolls; Toe Taps; Heel Taps; 1 foot Zig-Zags


  • Intro to Backward Skating & Backward Swizzles
  • Forward & Backward 180-degree transition; Mohawks’ 2 foot 180’s
  • Pivot Turns; Curls; Tight A-frame turns; Spin Turns; Spin Stops
  • T-stops, T-drags, Toe-drags; Heel-drags; V-drags, L-drags
  • Intro to Cross-Overs (forward & Backward); Cross-Unders; Shuffle Cross-Overs (Regular, Long, & Short, etc.); Forever Cross-Overs & Unders
  • Striding Techniques (Heel Carves; Side-pushes; Stride 3’s)
  • Criss-Crosses
  • Skating cones, Slalom Turns; Parallel turns; Basket Weaves
  • Hill work (Steep hill Heel braking, Hill turn slowing techniques, Lunge turns & steep hill turn tight edge turns)
  • 2-Wheel Heel Braking; Mono-Blading; Worm-Turns
  • Boot claps; Stackers; seatbelts; grabs; Kicks;  Scissor Popcorn jumps
  • Intermediate Roller-Dance moves (Zig-Zags; Delayed Zig-Zags; Contra-steps; Side-Jumps; Linked Armed Pairs; ¼ turns; ½ Turns; Toe Twists; heel twists; Locker Step; Rag Doll
  • Roller-Soccer


  • 1 foot Heel Stops, Wile E. Coyote Stops; Toe-Clap Heel Stops; Edge Stops & Lunge Stops; Backward Hill stops
  • Power Slides (forward; backward; D-slides; 90/180 degree Slides;  Jump Slides, Kick Slides, Soul Slides, etc.)
  • Skating stairs, Curb Jumps & Curb Stalls
  • Skate Parks, Pipes & Bbowls (Drop-ins; Exits; Fakies; Bank Rides; Wall slides; Toilet-Bowl Flushes)
  • 180- & 360-degree Jumps, Curb Jumps;  3-turns
  • Spins (Pump Spins, Daffy Spins); Waltz-Jumps
  • Grapevines, Roller-Dance, 1 foot Blading; 1 foot Zig-Zags; Kick Starts
  • Daffys & other 1 or 2 wheel Tricks (Toe’ys; Toe Walks; Heelies & Heel Walks; 2 Wheel Twists; Hip-Hop daffy’s)
  • Spaghetti Legs; Rubber Legs; Moon-Walking; Crazy Legs; John Wayne;  1 Foot Turns; Jersey Turns
  • Criss-Crosses, Basket-weaving thru cones & other Cone Freestyle (Backwards; 3 cone work; Nelson;  the ‘Crazy’; Crazy legs & other moves through cones)
  • Toe Flares; Heel Flares; (Flat or on 2 wheels)
  • Backward T-drags & Inverted Brake Drags, Venice Beach Double Push & other tricks; Backward Heel-drags; Heel Stop T-drag
  • Mexican Chopstix & other ‘New Skool’ Asphalt Free-Style Hip-Hop Style Roller-Dance Moves (Sprinkler turns; Infinity loops;  Elvis; Delayed Elvis)


  • Blading Warm-ups ; Cool-down Stretches
  • Advanced Stride 3; Side Pushes; Heel Carves; Power-Pushs & Power Blading; Stride Choice & Strategies
  • Various ‘Double-Push’ Techniques
  • Racing Cross-Overs; Cross-Over Turns
  • Hammer Glides; Ampersand Glide; Glide Ratios; Edge rolls
  • Racing Ready Positions; Tucks; Arm Rests
  • the ‘Hook’; Pack Skating; the ‘Pelaton’; Team Skating; Lead Rotation; Drafting; Pack Bump; Pulling
  • Start Line Sprints; Hi-Speed Cornering; Hill Climbing; Tactics; Fitness Training on Inlines, & Marathon Blading
  • Arm-swings (Starting Line Swing; Hill Climb Swings; Swing angles); Visual Targeting
  • **Even if your plan is to recreationally inline skate & not to race, modified racing skill instruction is valuable for effective/efficient striding & maximum balance on outdoor pathways

From Inline Skate Instructor Jennifer Milne is available.

Video feedback & slalom cones available during lessons.